Built in Scotland 1947 (by Yarrow & Co. Scotland), converted to a Passenger Cruise Vessel 1997 by Irrawaddy Flotilla Co. Refitted and refurbished 2003-04 by IWT (Inland Water Transport) & Ayravata Cruises.

Hull Steel
Length 150ft (45.72 Mt)
Beam 34ft (11.5 Mt)
Draft 2.6ft (0.8 Mt)
Decks 3
Main Deck (6 Cabins)* Upper Deck (10 Cabins-Saloon-Dining Room) * Sundeck / Solarium (Length 20 Mt. - Furnished with Steamer Chairs/Sun Lounges/ Rattan Armchairs for 32 pax)
Diesel Engines 2 x 300hp MWM * Model: TBD-234V6
Propulsion Schotel Outboard * Model: SRP-100/110
Max. Upriver Speed 6 Miles per Hour
Max. Downriver Speed 11 Miles per Hour
Navigation Navigation lights, ships horn, searchlight
Comms Gsm phone, Internal phone system, Tannoy for navigation
Generators 2 x 95 kva Denyo Gensets
Fire Protection 21 Smoke Detectors, 4 Heat Detectors, 8 Manual alarms stations, Electronic Control Panel Silent Knight (Made in USA) – 20 Fire Extinguishers – 8 Fire Hose Cabinets, fire pump
Safety Emergency lights, Emergency Generator, life jackets for all on board and life rafts
Cabins 16 Deluxe Twin Cabins with own shower/wc (Berths 32)
Size: 3,35 Mt X 4.00 Mt (132" X 158")
Bar 1
Dining Room 1 (32 Seats)
Kitchen 1 Fully Equipped Kitchen
Water Desedimentation and full water treatment – Reverse Osmosis System for the Kitchen.
Sewage Treatment plant
Cruise Management Company: AYRAVATA CRUISES
DMA Registry Permission to drive in the Myanmar rivers (No. NA/KHA/32/Yangon) issued on the 11 Sep 03 by the department of Marine Administration of the Union of Myanmar
Tourist Transport Licence No. PA/195A on 27 January 2004 issued by MHT

Historic Technical Details

The principal original dimensions of these 6 class "P" vessels were 130 feet by 34 feet and the design draft was 4 feet. The carrying capacity was 476 passengers and the cargo capacity was 210 Tons. The propulsion system was originally fitted with Quarter wheels propelled by slow speed diesel engine. The engine, reverse reduction gear box seated in forward of amid ship and worm gears box, paddle wheels fitted in extreme aft of the vessel for even keel condition. The light draft of the vessel is 2 feet only and fully loaded condition is nearly 4 feet. The hull form is box shape with round bilge, spoon bow and cut up stern for paddle wheels access. According to the spare parts scarcity, the main engine and propulsion system was reinstalled with outboard propulsion system after thirty years of service. It was over 1980 that our Rv Paukan 1947 was major repaired in Dalla Dockyard and re-engines with Hydromaster Outboard propulsion system. The main engine is a Dorman 250Hp and transmission is Hydromaster produced in UK. At that time the hull structure was renovated and the engine room converted into cargo hold and a new propulsion system was installed in the extreme aft of the vessel. The new length is now 148 Feet, breadth and width same as before. Due to the re-powering, the vessel could be able to carry more passengers and cargos due to weight saving. Seventeen years after re-powering the vessel was converted into a tourist pleasure cruise vessel in the Myanma Shipyard (Sinmalike) by the revived Irrawaddy Flotilla Company Ltd. and during their management docking was performed annually at the Dalla Dockyard. In the 2003 under the management of Interconnection Co Ltd the ship underwent a major refitting.

Rv Paukan is listed in the "The international register of Historic Ships" of the WORLD SHIP TRUST

T...Built in Scotland in 1947, the Paukan is the same design as the original shallow draft of Irrawaddy Flotilla Company paddle steamers that coped so well with the difficult conditions of Irrawaddy. In 1997 we discovered old Paukan laid-up at Mandalay. It was love at first sight. But the condition was terrible. On account of her ultra draft she had used mainly on the Mandalay-Bhamo run [...]. Pigs ran freely on the lower deck and 50 years of overloading with passengers and goods had taken his toll. Yet Yarrow built a STRONG ship and WE reckoned SHE was good for another 50 YEARS..."
    A quote from the book:
PAUKAN - The Irrawaddy Flotilla Company and the rivers of Myanmar–
by Paul Strachan Kiscadale Publications,
April 2003 (ISBN 1 870838 424)